How to Quickly Improve Your Blog Alexa Rank

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Alexa Rank is one of the factors taken into account by the provider of the program paid quick review to determine the level of traffic a blog or website. If you choose a paid review as one source of monetization blog, you inevitably have to increase your blog's Alexa Rank.

Below are the ways to increase Alexa Rank:

1. Install the Alexa toolbar or Firefox's SearchStatus extensions and settings of your blog as the homepage on your computer. There are two easy ways to install the Alexa toolbar. If you're using Internet Explorer, download the Alexa toolbar for Firefox or SearchStatus extension that displays the Alexa Rank, Google Rank, as well as other useful features.

2. Place the Alexa Rank widget on your blog. According to some circles, if the widget is clicked by a visitor who had not installed the Alexa toolbar, then it will be counted as additional visits.

3. Encourage others to install the Alexa toolbar. This can be best friends or your own blog visitors.

4. Working in kator or in a cybercafe? If possible, install the Alexa toolbar on all existing computers and setup your blog as his homepage. It would be useful if the IP that is used is dynamic.

5. Ask friends to review and rate a profile of your blog on Alexa. Indeed there has been no evidence, but maybe this way is useful.

6. Write articles about Alexa. Webmasters and bloggers love to know the ways to improve its alexa. They will membacklink your writing and sending traffic. This is a direct brdampak alexa rank on your blog.

7. Pampang your URL in webmaster forums. Webmasters are usually already installed the Alexa toolbar in the browser and if they are interested in clicking on your URL, then this is an advantage for you.

8. Write articles relating to the webmaster. For example, the topic of SEO and buying and selling domain that was demanded by the webmasters (bloggers or site owners). Promote your articles on webmaster forums and social networking site.

9. Use Alexa redirects your blog's URL. Try this: Doshdosh Replace with the URL of your blog. Use this URL when commenting and also your signature. This redirect will count a unique IP address once a day only. There has been no official evidence in this way, so use carefully.

10. Active in the Asian forum site or social networking. Some meyebutkan that East Asia is a large user alexa toolbars. This is evidenced by some blogs or sites from East Asia into the Alexa Top 500.

11. Create a page about the webmaster tools on your blog. This is a magnet for webmasters to visit many times to your blog.

12. Register on Digg or StumbleUpon. Both sites can send tens of thousands of visitors when your article appears in the front yard. (Note Kang Yudiono: in Indonesia, you can register at Cross News, InfoGue, etc.).

13. Use PayperClick campaign. This is done by paid advertising on Google or another.

14. Create an Alexa category on your blog and use this to save an article or news related to Alexa.

15. Optimize your popular posts. Do you have a popular post that consistently receives traffic from search engines? Update your post with the posting Melik Alexa, or internal links to your Redirect URL.

16. Sell banner ads and links from the forum. If your ad is interesting, this will significantly improve your Alexa ranking.

17. Recruit people to promote your blog. This can be done by paying a friend or member of a forum to promote your articles.

18. Pay cafe owners to install the Alexa toolbar and setting up your blog on all computers in the cybercafe.

19. Active on MySpace, Facebook, and others. It worked for some people, but many are not successful.

20. Try Alexa auto-surfs. These tools are useful for a new blog and use it carefully.

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