Portable Generator Safety Tips

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Portable generators are capable of causing electrocution if they got in contact with water such as the usage under the rain or be left in water. You should keep your generator under a canopy or anywhere protected just not entirely enclosed. It requires sufficient ventilation but should not be in touch with watery substances. Do not touch the generator with your wet hands or when you are standing in water. Also do not run the extension cords through any water fluid and always keep all unauthorized people away when the generator is in use. Another safety tips that users should look into is the emission of the carbon monoxide gas. Being an odorless and colorless gas emitted in the generator's exhaust, this is the reason why a generator should not be place indoors or in an enclosed area where the accumulation of the gas can take place. The exhaust should be ventilated with adequate air flow circulation and if anyone started feeling sick or dizzy immediately shut the generator off and get some fresh air. Besides, fires can also be caused by portable generators in two possible methods. Do not store your fuel in your house and always keep them in properly marked containers. It should also not be placed in rooms with gas water heater as the fumes can be ignited through the ground if there is fuel being spilled. Always allow your generator to completely cool down before you refuel it as any fuel that touches hot engine will get ignited. There are also safety tips to handle the extension cords. Make sure they have high rating for whatever load they can carry. Plus, try to check for exposed wires, fraying or any spots where the cord may be hidden and not obviously seen. Some people tend to place the cords under furniture or a rug which is somewhat harmful to the cord and may hide the defects. Also check the cords to ensure they are not overheating. Overheating will imply that the load for the cord is too heavy or the wires inside the cord could be damaged. Despite the cords being rated for the amount of load you have, the turning on and off the compressors can increase the load beyond the rating. Portable generators could be dangerous but if you watch the safety issues closely, they are indeed very convenient tools.

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