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PlanetSlav is an IT Solutions company which offers turnkey solutions for clients and strides to become their single point of contact for all their IT needs. PlanetSlav provides hosting, hardware and consulting services and separates from the competition by offering their solutions in a unique way.

Secure Hosting: PlanetSlav currently provides Virtual Private Servers (VPS) that is behind a secure firewall on a 100 Mb/s network. All the ports to the servers are closed by default and are open upon the customer's request. Each customer is provided VPN access so they can have full access to their server when they need it. The network infrastructure is very secure; each client has their own private network which is segregated from all the other networks.

Custom Hardware: PlanetSlav's hardware solutions are built using high quality parts acquired directly from distributors and manufacturers. PlanetSlav offers custom built Asus powered servers in 1U Chenbro enclosures with redundant power supplies and KVM over IP capability. Another product is the SlavaWall, the same firewall that is used to secure PlanetSlav's VPS hosting environment.

The SlavaWall is really simple. It's pfSense running on a Nexcom x86 based network appliance. pfSense is probably the best free firewall software out there. It does just about everything you would expect a commercial firewall to do. It also runs on just about all x86 hardware. Check out the pfSense website to get a full list of supported features. Commercial support from the pfSense team is also available but is not required. The other great thing about the SlavaWall is you're not locked into using pfSense. If you are not happy with it, PlanetSlav will be happy to assist you switch to other x86 based firewall applications such as Untangle, Endian or can even run MS ISA Server if you so desire!

Before delivering the final builds, all the products are thoroughly tested to make sure they meet PlanetSlav's quality standards.

Consulting: PlanetSlav IT Solutions offers Enterprise class solutions at a price your Small Business can afford. You can get more information from their website at

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